News: Wonks, Hillary, Events

Jeremy Moule at City News notes that the political analysts ("wonks") at CQ rate the 29th as a toss up. In other wonk news, apparently the Rothenberg Political Report names Randy Kuhl as one of five incumbents who should be "cut loose" immediately according to this second-hand source.

Today's Clinton rally gets mentions at the Hornell Evening Tribune, WROC and WHEC.

Update: Here's the original Rothenberg article. Money quote:

Five GOP incumbents who have benefited from a total of more than $2.2 million in NRCC spending also should have been cut loose immediately and told to fend for themselves: Reps. Randy Kuhl (New York's 29th district), Bill Sali (Idaho's 1st), Jean Schmidt (Ohio's 2nd), Mark Souder (Indiana's 3rd) and Marilyn Musgrave (Colorado's 4th).

Each of the districts represented by these incumbents is reliably Republican under normal circumstances, and their vulnerability, even in this political environment, reflects their individual weaknesses.