Pelosi Derangement Syndrome

The Massa campaign has issued a press release about Randy Kuhl's latest ad. The release points out that the "Pelosi tax plan" that Kuhl accuses Massa of supporting is actually a non-binding resolution, that Massa isn't in Congress, and, besides, Massa has his own tax plan [pdf].

All true, but here's my question: When did Nancy Pelosi become universally despised? Or, put another way: If Massa had produced a similar ad in 2006, would he have put a picture of Denny Hastert and Randy Kuhl in it?

Perhaps it's a failure of my imagination, or a reflection of my biases, but I don't think that the undecided, low-information voters who are the target of last-minute campaign ads are going to see Nancy with Eric and reach for the smelling salts.

In addition to power of the she-devil Pelosi, Kuhl's counting on that old warhorse -- "He'll raise your taxes" -- to carry him through one more battle. I'm skeptical. We're funding an endless war, rescuing banks, and we've just nationalized an insurance company. Isn't it obvious that taxes will go up?

Democrats are saying that the top 5% will bear the burden of the increase. I think that's salable in this environment. Kuhl's implied claim that he won't raise taxes just flies in the face of economic reality.


The right wing has demonized Pelosi just as the left has demonized Cheney. I am sure both of these politicians have been used to scare votes and donations from citizens.

I am not a big Nancy Pelosi fan. She would not, by herself, be enough to keep me from voting for Massa if I was so inclined, but she may influence others.

Elmer, no one but the nuttiest of right-wingers spend a lot of time thinking about Nancy Pelosi. To be honest with you, I've never encountered anyone who could muster up much dislike for her. By contrast, I know plenty of Republicans who hate Cheney (I think John McCain is probably one of them, though of course I don't know him).

The demonizing of Pelosi is counterproductive. The net effect, I believe, is to turn off independent women voters. This stuff works with the Clintons, though. I'll admit that.

I'm not sure that demonizing Pelosi will turn off many independent women voters. It is her liberal cultural policies that are being attacked. And, at least in the southern tier, there are many women who don't agree with her.

her first term as speaker has not been exactly one for the books.

I don't know any Republicans who hate Cheney. I know a bunch that are upset with Bush.

Let me put it another way: Do you think there are people who hate Nancy Pelosi who were inclined to vote for Massa? I'm thinking that anyone who's knows and hates Pelosi wouldn't vote for Massa in the first place.

The idea might be to give the conservatives a reason to go vote

I'll buy that.

The idea might be to give the conservatives a reason to go vote

If that's the only reason they've got to vote, Randy's in more trouble than I thought.