Penance for the Last Post

Seems like the last picture was disturbing. Is this better? It's from the Kuhl campaign, taken on Main Street in Corning this evening.


It's really sweet seeing a child get his first earmark.

"Don't worry, it looks like pork but it tastes like candy."

This race has turned into a real snoozefest in the last week. It seems like it was a bit more energetic last time around. Now Massa's tooling around in an RV and Kuhl's hanging out with kids on Main Street. Where are the fireworks? ZZZZ

It got a lot more attention in 06 because there was no Presidential race then. Massa and Kuhl were doing the same things two years ago.

I'm just hoping that someone scratches an R or an E into their cheek between now and Tuesday.

I wonder what Randy is really thinking? It is funny the things that politicians have to go through to run for office.....

I know what I'd be thinking if that were me (and it's probably not far from what's going through Randy's mind): God, I could use a drink right now.

"Just take the damn candy, kid. Take it!"

Exile--that's hilarious~! Great one!

Hey Chap, lets hear a brilliant suggestion of what else they could be doing. We already know Massa HATES bowling and all their proprietors, real or imagined, and no matter how many times Massa asks, Kuhl will not mud wrestle.

I'm tapped.