Seven More Days

With a week left, the two candidates in the race are all over the district. Both are trying to energize their base and drive their message home to the last few undecided voters.

As was the case in 2006, Massa is touring the district in a motor home as well as attending events with major Democratic personalities. Today, I received a robo-call from Hillary Clinton, paid for by the Massa campaign, inviting me to a rally tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM at Monroe Community College. Clinton will head a joint appearance with Massa, Alice Kryzan (NY-26) and Dan Maffei (NY-25).

Randy Kuhl's campaign isn't posting events on its website, but Kuhl was at an event in Victor this afternoon. In 2006, Kuhl had a few last-minute grant announcements that he saved for right before the election. My guess is something similar will happen this year.

Since Friday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent about $40K on direct mail in the district. Their Republican counterpart hasn't filed any additional spending disclosures.


I have decided to run as a write-in candidate. My first appearance will be at the Troupsburg General Store this afternoon at 3:00. Please arrive early as they have only 4 parking spots and there is a small chance they will all be filled.

You should launch your campaign in Canandaigua. The Messenger-Post would write up a nice story and you'd get your picture in the paper.

Will be at the Sugarcreek in Hemlock tomorrow at 9 AM - is that close enough?

If you hit the MacGregor's in Canandaigua, maybe you'd get some coverage.

How about the popular Chat-a-Whyle restaurnt on Liberty Street in Bath?!!