Six Days and a Wakeup

Eric Massa is attending a rally with Hillary Clinton today. Tomorrow, he'll be at a press conference with Chuck Schumer and Brighton Town Supervisor Sandy Frankel, at 3:00 at the St. John's Meadows nursing home. Today's Hillary rally has already received free media attention. Tomorrow's press conference will likely get some, too.

The Kuhl campaign, by contrast, hasn't had a public event in a while. The campaign is still issuing press releases, but the campaign web site says "9 Days to Victory" today, and the events page is empty. If someone sees Randy, please let me know where he is and what he's doing.


well his "blog" on his website hasn't updated since October 3, so I guess nothing is being done across the board. He's probably on the golf course for all we know. After all he is a good golfer. We could have used him on the Ryder Cup team in past years..

I see snow out my window right now, so my guess is no golfing.

He might be having a bunch of invitation-only campaign events. But they're not getting any of the sweet free PR that politicians crave.

He didn't fundraise when he needed to, and he's not running a very good campaign.

Kuhl was at my campaign event in Troupsburg. Really screwed up the parking. Eight cars and only four spots.

Sounds like a record crowd.

Did everybody enjoy the complimentary Slim Jims and Coca-Colas?

Maybe if you'd accepted his debate challenge he wouldn't have to do this to you.