Still More Bailout News

Reader Elmer sends Eric Massa's Corning Leader op-ed where he describes his plan for an FDR-style solution to the credit crunch. The Leader also has a story on Kuhl's vote yesterday.

The Steuben Courier has a column against Kuhl's initial vote.

WENY, Syracuse News 10, and the Democrat and Chronicle all have stories about Kuhl's vote.

Finally, WENY has a story about some questions submitted for next week's debate. They're from a high school class in Horseheads.


I think Kuhl's vote had allot to do with the tax benefits given to the owners of Watkins Glen International who have donated to Kuhl in the past. I'm sure there are more. But I don't have the time to go through the entire 400 plus pages of the bill to find out which other donors got goodies in the bill. All politics are local, but I think that if people really found out, then they would be sick.

I haven't seen anything that directly benefits the 29th district in the bill, though I haven't read the whole thing, either.