Election Night at the Fighting 29th

I will be on CW-16 tomorrow night starting at 9:30 to discuss the election. Exile from The Albany Project will be there, too.

We will be live-blogging with DragonFlyEye. Check back here around 9:30 tomorrow for the live-blog, and I hope anyone interested will join in.

Update: CW-16 is a Rochester TV station affiliated with 13-WHAM. I believe they will simulcast on the Internet at their website here. Tune in to the live blog tomorrow for more information.


I assume CW-16 is a tv station?? do they broadcast live on the internet?

Good question. I think they will. I'll check for sure.

Fascinating! Thank you!

How will we know its you?

Can you wear your "Rottenchester 4 Massa" t-shirt so we know its you?

I could have gone on to talk about the 26th ... if anybody had asked ...

Aren't you "the competition"? :)