Healthcare Screw-Up

I just mis-stated Massa's position on HR 676 in a previous post. He supports it, and I've corrected the post. Sorry about that.

That said, Massa's opponents point to Section 101 of the bill as justification that illegal immigrants will be supported. Aside from Massa's flat statement that he doesn't support health care for illegal immigrants, I don't read it that way.

Section 101, like a lot of draft legislation, contains a bit of a contraction. On the one hand, it says that "all individuals" are covered. On the other hand, it requires a registration program for a health insurance card. The bill doesn't include much guidance on the whole registration program, but it's common sense that most illegal immigrants aren't going to participate in that kind of program.

More importantly, the reality of the moment is that many illegal immigrants are getting effectively free health care in our emergency rooms as we speak. The issue is the immigrants' presence in the United States. As long as they're here, somebody's going to be paying the bill for their health care, and that somebody is usually us, directly or indirectly.


Glad you made correction. So, then you agree. The plan that Massa publicly supports (HR676) will RAISE taxes, including PAYROLL taxes-. Probably the most burdensome tax to middle and low income people. Maybe you and some of our friends in media can ask Mr. Massa, how he can possibly justify supporting such a plan, in these economic times, that will eliminate private health plans and cost $1 TRILLION and raise everyone's taxes to the tune of an additional $1200 for family of 4. Maybe Mr. Massa can explain that one to the people whose vote he is asking for. Really, the choice is clear in this election. If you want your taxes raised, Massa's your guy. If not, have to go with Kuhl.

As I explained in the last post, the question is value for money. $1,200 is cheap for health care for a family of 4, compared to two of the alternatives, which are bankruptcy from medical bills, or private insurance which costs at least ten times that amount. As for employer-based health benefits, if universal health care keeps our $40K/year breadwinner in a job because his employer doesn't need to move overseas to avoid health costs, then he might think it's reasonable.

Trying to use this as a scare issue might work, and good luck with it, but I think the days of "he'll raise our taxes" as an effective campaign gambit are over. With a $10 trillion deficit, everyone realizes that taxes are going up. The question is who will be taxed. The Obama tax plan, which Massa supports, will raise taxes on those making more than $250K per year.