Kuhl Statement

Randy Kuhl issued the following statement a few minutes ago:

I would like to congratulate my opponent on his victory. A few moments ago, I called Eric Massa to congratulate him on being elected to the 111th Congress.

I would also like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported me over the last 28 years. From voting for me to volunteering for my campaign or putting a sign in their yards, words cannot express my appreciation for my supporters. I have been honored to represent them in Congress, the State Senate and State Assembly. This election's outcome is no indication of the hard work and dedication that my supporters put forth.

This race was a close and tough battle to the end, and today I urge all of my supporters to give Congressman-elect Eric Massa the support and encouragement that he will need to carry out the great tasks that he will face in the 111th Congress. This country is facing an uphill battle. Our economy faces historic and unprecedented challenges, and we must unite to find the solutions that our country needs.


Now THIS is a classy concession. Mark my words, Randy will be back (teaching at one of the colleges...maybe even running for a judgeship or something....you never know....).

I agree Randy did well with his statement but I don't think he will ever run for office again. He might teach, Keuka Collage has always been good to him, but the fun of elected office is gone for him. Remember Randy almost always ran unopposed and he never expected to run against someone with the drive, determination and stamina of Eric. I think Randy will work on his golf game and enjoy the lake.