Leader Victory Story

Here's this morning's Corning Leader victory story.

Update: Reader Elmer sends today's front page [pdf] to show how it played in Massa's home town.


Three cheers once again for Elmer, providing a PDF from down Corning-way! It will be fascinating to see how the various media report this. Meantime, I'm still in admitted shock at just how incredibly strongly Massa ran in Yates County, alone.

Jack Doyle 2010.

That front page image really gives the picture of Massa's accomplishment. Thanks, Elmer.

TC - I don't see a Monroe Co resident winning this one, and Jack has been all but invisible since he stepped down as Monroe County Exec. What makes you think he wants to run?

My guess is that Massa will repeat in 2010 unless there are problems with the Obama administration (remember how congressional dems did two years into the Clinton administration).

Here is a guess someone made at TAP about redistricting for 2012. If true, and it is just a guess, Monroe County will be all by itself.


I definitely agree that Massa will serve a few terms in Congress before doing anything else.

I do hope that Monroe gets its own Congressional district. The current 29th is split between two areas that have some shared interests and some diverging interests, and it's hard to represent for that reason.