Massa Press Conference: Victory

Eric Massa announced that he has won the race for the 29th district at a press conference this morning.

"Every ballot has been counted," Massa said, "and I am humbled to accept the votes and the victory."

Massa said that he received a "gracious" concession call from Kuhl. "He has had a long and honorable stewardship of our public offices. He pledged his staff and himself to the effort of an orderly transition." Massa said he was committed to doing that, and to work "hand in glove" to make the transition "as seamless as possible."

Massa thanked his wife and family, thousands of supporters who "participated in a true grassroots campaign." The race is about "stewardship of a very important office."

Massa said that he had in excess of 5,000 votes.


Finally I can say, Congratulations Eric!!! And to your campaign staff, they performed a yeoman's service well!! And to your family, thank you for sharing Eric with us!!

And the 2010 campaign starts Monday :)

And I just finally took the Massa banner off my webpage yesterday. Damn!

I don't think a two year cycle is a good thing. Perhaps we could move it to four? I'd love to see half the congressmen up for reelection in 2010 and the other half up in 2012.

I could get on board with that–right after we get rid of the electoral college. Both may have been good ideas in the 18th century, but have outlived their usefulness.

Interesting idea.