Massa's Acceptance Speech

Massa's acceptance speech, as captured by WENY, after the break:


This evening in the windows of the Eric Massa Campaign Headquarters in Penn Yan 2 large signs appeared - MASSA WINS - it looked great and I couldn't be happier. We have the right man for the job at a time we and our country need it most. I said to Eric one night, over a beer, that I don't think Congressman is the highest office he will ever hold. I hope I'm right but he can sure do a lot of good right where he is.

I agree that he will probably move up someday.

Move up to where? I like Eric but U certainly don't see him getting in the Senate - he doesn't have enough money or name recognition,

You're right. I keep forgetting how tough it is to win one of our Senate seats.

He's a one termer, after he is defeated by a Jack Doyle or George Winner or Cathy Young.

I'll buy Cathy Young as an opponent. Whether she can raise the $2 mil she'll need to make the run, and whether the NRCC will be re-generated enough to be a force in the next race, is the important question.