Three Calls

I was called twice this evening by live Massa volunteers reminding me to get out and vote tomorrow. I also got a robo-call from Bill Clinton, sponsored by the DCCC, telling me to be sure to fill in my entire ballot.



I'm curious... Do you think an over-the-top, totally in-your-face GOTV effort can be counter-productive? Would you say it can push swing voters in the other direction?

Perhaps, but if the campaigns are doing GOTV correctly, they aren't calling swing voters right now. They're calling base and likely voters to get them out.

I don't know what the Massa campaign is doing for GOTV. But, via, it's clear that in the battleground states, the Obama campaign has already gone door-to-door to identify likely Obama voters. That data has been fed back into the campaign's calling database, and now the likely and certain Obama voters are being called to GOTV.