GM Event in Words and Pictures

Michael Parks was kind enough to send this photo of Eric Massa at yesterday's GM event. Bob Clark at the Hornell Evening Tribune also filed a story on Massa's visit.

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks


The article says this hydrogen technology is good down to -15° C. That's +5° Fahrenheit.

Temperatures that cold and colder are not uncommon in winter in the NY 29th Congressional district.

I support Mr. Massa, but I think he let them pull the wool over his eyes there.

I don't think that's an inherent limitation of fuel cells. They were used in the space program, and it's a lot colder in space than in WNY, even though it might not seem that way sometimes.. The Honeoye Falls facility does R&D, so I would guess it's perfectly situated to get fuel cells working in colder weather.