Kuhl MIA

Randy Kuhl, who missed only 23 votes for the entire session, didn't vote in any of the 7 House roll calls yesterday.


Randy is home, I saw his car yesterday.

If you run into him on the street, say I said "hi".

I can look at this in two ways:

1. The holier than thou way: he is being paid and he should be in DC
2. The human way - the guy is probably depressed and his one vote won't do much to pass or defeat any measures.

I pick option number 2

I pick 2, also, and actually think it's kind of a sad note. I always appreciated and respected that Kuhl was a regular voter. Many aren't.

I think Randy probably is feeling (no pun intended, truly)...defeated. This never, never, never happened to him before. Nor, prior to stepping up to Congress, was it even a plausible possibility.