Massa in the Paper

Eric Massa has an op-ed in today's Star-Gazette.

Massa is quoted in a Corning Leader story about the shortage of large-animal veterinarians. Apparently, nobody wants to go into a job that requires a better GPA and test scores than being a physician, yet barely pays enough to make ends meet.


Looking through the comments on the S-G piece, it is disturbing to me to see some are not even giving Eric the chance to take office before they start in on him. Hopefully it is only a few people.

No one will give him a chance because he never had one. he has no experience and he will be a one term wonder and that is all. can't wait to campaing against him ... asap

While you're trash talking, please name the Republican candidate who has name recognition across the district, who's able to raise $2 million, and who's willing to campaign for a solid year before the election.

If Caroline Kennedy doesn't get the senatorial position, maybe we can get her to move and switch parties.

But running for Congress would require real work on her part.

All she would have to do is pick out her dress for the coronation.

My favorite politician was Ronald Regan. I have voted for Ford, Regan, Regan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush and McCain.

I will support Eric and I think he will do well and easily be reelected.

I agree, in part because there's little chance that a Republican wants to run for a seat that, in 2010, is guaranteed to be a one-term office. In 2012, the 29th district is going away in re-districting.

The "S-G" comments are being placed, I imagine, by anonymous GOP party hacks. They just cannot imagine--actually, neither could I--that Massa would attract so many hundreds/thousands of crossover votes and dislodge their man. The Republicans down h ere are not mere robots but think for themselves. I think some dark horse like Bath Mayor David Wallace--or the young guy just elected Mayor of Corning (Reed?)--will put up a race two years from now. But man, if this once-solid GOP stronghold couldn't routinely re-elect a Republican congressman DURING A PRESIDENTIAL YEAR----no wonder the hacks/bosses are whining and slinging arrows. They're deflated!

Honestly the comments sections of newspapers are so unbelievably stupid it boggles my mind. I don't think they're representative of anything other than a few troubled loners' deranged views of the world.