Massa on the Senate Seat

Eric Massa and a bunch of other Southern Tier politicians are quoted in a Star-Gazette story about speculation that Caroline Kennedy will be appointed to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Massa says little other than he'd like the appointee to be from upstate.


The entire Kennedy episode with the NY Senate seat is really making me sick. I don't know why the media and politicians are falling over each other to say why its a great idea. I'm sure she's a nice person and have nothing against her, but the sense of entitlement because her name is Kennedy just makes me sick. I don't know why anyone isn't mentioning this side of the story. Plus the notion that "since a Kennedy had the seat, so its the Kennedy's seat" is equally absurd. Who says someone is entitled to any seat. It just makes me want to vomit.

I agree. I would be shocked if it happened, though. I think a lot of it is just media-driven speculation.

Am told Patterson is taking bids on the seat. :)

I guess that means that all Hillary offered was her bleeping appreciation.

I agree that the next US Senator from New York should be from Upstate, and by Upstate I mean north and west of the Catskills. Westchester County is not Upstate!

This is all the more important since the three individuals that run this state - the Governor, and Assembly and Senate majority leaders are all from NYC (or at least the leading candidate for Senate majority leader - I haven't followed closely to know if that is a done deal).

NYS politics are not my specialty, but it appears that one of the reasons that Republicans have held on to upstate seats for so long is that people wanted those holding statewide seats to not take upstate for granted. In other words, the appearance that upstate was Republican means that Senators and the Gov would feel they need to campaign and court Republican cross-over voters.

Now that it's pretty clear that upstate is going Dem, perhaps our clout is lessened. That said, it's probably more an appearance of clout, since we're losing population while downstate is gaining.