Massa on Tribal Issues

Eric Massa wants to replace cigarette revenue lost by the Seneca tribe, and also get a road built across their territory, according to Rick Miller's story in the Olean Times-Herald.


Eric wants to have the federal government pay the state government the money that the state would receive from taxes on smokes?

It would seem to me that this should be settled in federal court and either the state gives up on collecting the taxes or the taxes are collected depending on what the courts say.

Don't the tribes think they are an independent nations? I assume they wouldn't care what federal court says, right?

I assume Massa thinks he can broker a deal between the federal government and the tribe for right-of-way on the expressway. Maybe the ATF could allow the tribe to buy cigs directly from tobacco wholesalers out of state? At minimum, when the feds are involved, there's a little more flexibility possible.

Good luck with that Massa! Massa obviously has no idea what he is up against. If it were that easy then Rt. 219 would be completed by now. It is going to be very amusing to watch this guy fail miserably!!!!

No harm in trying. Tribal issues are tough. We'll see what he can accomplish.