Massa's Committee Preferences

Here's a list of Freshman committee preferences. According to the list, Massa "is interested in the Armed Services Committee, given his experience as a former staffer on the committee. Massa would also like a seat on the Agriculture Committee."

I've seen interest from Massa in the Transportation and Agriculture Committees, but this is the first I've heard about Armed Services, though it makes a lot of sense, given Massa's background. Veterans' Affairs is another possibility.

(Via Rochesterturning)


Armed Services is a constituent oriented committee and considering there are no military bases in the district it would not make a whole lot of sense for massa to join that committee but considering he has no idea what he is doing that request is par for the course.

I doubt that Massa wants to be on the HASC. He's got the expertise but he's going to be focused on committee posts that will get him re-elected.

Also, you might want to save your sniping until Massa actually has a track record to criticize.

It seems clear that he wasn't interested in the ASC until he was told that that is what he is slated for. He has been talking about AG and Transportation since the election. If he accedes to the ASC assignment, he may have a shot at one of his preferences. You can learn a lot about politics in the military as well as in the congress and he's obviously aware of what he is doing.

Are you a poor loser or what?

Sure hope he takes on transportation. The bureaucrats are shoving the I-99 designation down our throats without giving the I83 extension (at virtually no cost) a fair hearing. I-83 could be extended all the way to Rochester if some progressive thought was applied to existing roadways. One section north of Harrisburg would have to be named US 83 because it has at grade intersections. Otherwise, all of I390, portions of US15 (soon to be renamed I99) and a spur of 220 could be called I83 and create a singular roadway designation from Rochester to Baltimore. Such practices were what the interstate system was supposed to accomplish in the first place. This puts another major interstate designation in the heart of the 29th.

He's expressed interest in Transportation. We'll see what he actually gets.

I agree that a I-83 going to Baltimore would be a positive, and with all the federal money that's going to be handed out in the next couple of years, perhaps the Harrisburg intersections could be upgraded.

I-83, I-99 - what's the difference.

I think we are all in agreement as to where the road should go. We are disagreeing over the name, and that's silly.