Earmark Jeopardy

The Corning Leader reports that an earmark obtained by Randy Kuhl has expired and will have to be re-appropriated.


So, during the campaigns this earmark was always referred to by Massa as being obtained by Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer... now, when it goes south, he says it was Randy Kuhl's and no mention of his new party's Senators. What a tool.

This is a State of New York and City of Corning problem. The money is granted to the state DOTs for use in projects. Not a surprise that it expired -- I wonder how many other projects were left to languish. And why does Corning's project expire when money has been sitting in the Rennaissance Center slush fund for years without any action?

The only reference I could find to this earmark is here:


It happened in 2005, so it would be Randy's in the House and Clinton and/or Schumer's in the Senate.

I don't remember this being a campaign issue - do you ?

Right. It looks like the city dropped the ball and Massa is expected to go find it. Tool?