Evening Stimulation

The Hornell Evening Tribune reports that Eric Massa and Chuck Schumer still think that there will be enough money in the new stimulus plan to help area schools. WXXI quotes Massa as laying the blame on Republicans. The Buffalo News carries the same lament.


Of course, what DON'T they blame on the Republicans? Maybe he should have something like .. we had to take 8 Billion from the schools and buy off a few Republicans to get the votes, so it's their fault.

Schools! Maybe they should reset their priorities. Go here:

and scroll down to Victor Schools. You will find two projects, one worth 21.5 Million and one for 2.2 Million. So first rate facilities are ok. So what was one of the actions they took to 'save' money, combined kids bus runs to save 160k. Kind of like me buying a Porsche then saying I need to reduce costs so I share my morning coffee with the wife.

With all those wonderful new facilities, now they want to add a field house. Aren't schools suppose to be for EDUCATION!? Yes, I love sports, but the high school teams don't need private college level fields to play on as we send them to school with money to pay for art supplies.

The last stimulus list (before the reconciliation) had $265,000 in it for construction at Victor schools. The bulk of the money went to the less affluent rural and suburban districts.

In other words, it's going to the places where Republicans live, like Olean, Campbell, Canisteo and Jasper. If you think people in those districts won't appreciate their new buildings (which cost a heck of a lot less than the Victor buildings), I'd like to hear why.

If you want to blame someone for that building in Victor, go to a school board meeting and complain, and vote "no" on the bond issue. It's not being paid for by the stimulus.