Twitter Devolution

In researching the last post, I took a look at the new NRCC web page, which is, literally, one web page. It contains the NRCC's Twitter feed, a couple of links to other sites, and pointers to the NRCC's Facebook, YouTube and MySpace sites.

As I noted earlier, the Republican Congressional leadership believes that heavy use of Twitter and other social media will help them re-connect with the public that rejected them. This effort has been full of bloopers, as one would expect when men in their fifties and sixties adopt technology favored by their children.

In my last post on this subject, some readers disagreed with my view that it's the content of the tweets, not the fact that you're tweeting, that's important. If you still doubt my view, take a good, hard look at the NRCC's Twitter feed. At this moment, it's composed almost entirely of criticism of Democrats. There's not a single constructive or positive comment.

The NRCC's Twitter feed tells us what's bad about Democrats. I wonder what organization will tell us what's good about Republicans?