Massa Video: 100% Back

After the break: Eric Massa at a press conference explaining why he supports a 100% tax on AIG benefits.


I wonder how much this getting the bonus money back from AIG et al. is going to cost the 99.99999999% of us who did not get such a bonus, when it comes to preparing next year's taxes.

Did you work for a company that got TARP money?.......( ) Yes ( ) No
Did you earn more than $250,000.00?...................( ) Yes ( ) No
Did you receive a performance bonus?..................( ) Yes ( ) No

Maybe 30 seconds or a minute to fill out, multiplied by the millions of Americans for whom this has not consequence, turns into a real a waste of the publics' time. Further, if you use a paid preparer, they may expect to be compensated for that time it takes them to answer these questions for you.

Better we just cut off AIG et al. from any more government bailout money.

I really have no idea how it will be implemented, but it could be a special schedule that flows into the 1040. I'd be surprised if the average taxpayer sees it.