In the many online and real-world discussions I've had about potential Republican candidates in 2010, we've all assumed that Eric Massa's challenger must live in the 29th district.

That's not true. In NY-20, Jim Tedisco doesn't live in the district, yet he was a candidate. Here's why, according to Talking Points Memo:

[T]he federal Constitution does not have a district-residency requirement, only a state-residency requirement. There are in fact House members on both sides of the aisle right now, who either don't live in their districts or didn't at the time when they were first elected -- and this number goes up significantly if we count the ones who really live in Washington.

This means that strong Republican candidates who live on the edges of the district, including Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and State Senator Cathy Young, would be eligible to run. Of course, technical possibility does not equal political viability, but it does make the speculation a little more interesting.


FYI ... Cathy Young lives in Cattaraugus County which is part of the 29th CD. That being said, I seriously doubt that she will run due to the possibility of being redistricted out in 2012 if she were to win.

Somebody told me she was out of the district - thanks for the update.

I think you're right about redistricting - it will probably keep a lot of people out.