Announcement Coverage

Tom Reed's announcement received coverage in the Corning Leader, City Newspaper, WENY and WETM.

From WENY:

Reed says his platform will be built on three planks, personal accountability and responsiblity, less government, and lower taxes. “Government should not be the end all and be all,” said Reed, “it should guarantee opportunity for someone to succeed not their individual success.”

All well and good, but Reed had better put some meat on those bones. Which government should be limited? What taxes should be lowered, and which services will we cut when we cut taxes?


I don't live near Corning, so I'm not familiar with Mr. Reed's record. However, is it true that in his 1+ year as Mayor of Corning, he raised taxes? If so, I would find it hard to believe his third campaign plank.

Apparently, he did.