Kuhl Keeping it Classy

Reader Don sends WETM's teaser for a Randy Kuhl interview, which contains this gem from the former Representative:

You know when I first ran for public office way back in 1980 I took it with the understanding that someday people are going to want hamburger instead of steak.

Randy's planning on supporting Tom Reed next year. Perhaps Reed will have a better strategy for luring back Republicans who voted for Massa: one that doesn't include insulting them.


Randy Kuhl classy? Are we talking about the same petulant, spoiled child, who upon being declared the loser of the election, quit working for the people who elected him to serve them, but still cashed his paychecks?

Randy Kuhl the Fraudster. A minor league Bernie Madoff wanna be.

If anyone gets a link to the WETM coverage, please post it. I used to get them, but Time-Wanker Cable took away my Elmira stations the first of the year. And raised their prices just the same.

Our hamburger is just ground up steak. Randy speaks like a man from another age, which in political terms is what he is. Somehow I don't think that he is the kind of wise veteran that the Republicans need to get them back in power.