Evening News

The Hornell Evening Trib reports on a well-attended two and one half hour meeting in Canisteo.

The NRCC is targeting Massa because he supports closing Guantánamo. Apparently Leavenworth isn't strong enough to hold terrorists, even though it has housed Nazi spies, gangsters, and serial killers.

Finally, the Star-Gazette has a Massa/Reed story on healthcare. I don't think this bodes well for Reed:

Reed said he took a quick look at the bill on the Internet and decided not to waste his time reading it because health care that is run and controlled by the government is philosophically the wrong direction for the nation to go.

When you're running against a guy who believes (with some merit) that he can outwork anyone, saying you didn't bother to read the bill leaves a big hole for an attack, especially when your take on the bill (that it is government-run healthcare) isn't what the bill says.