Neither Surprise nor Gaffe

Mustard Street thinks he's caught Eric Massa saying something out-of-bounds, specifically "I will vote against the interests of my district".

The remark is taken out of context. Massa was being asked whether he'd vote for a single-payer bill, even if sentiment at town hall meetings was against it. His final answer is "I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them."

Anyone who's watched Eric Massa for the last 4 years knows his position on healthcare: he supports a single-payer option. If you don't know that about Massa, you're not paying attention. He won the election espousing that position. It's no surprise that he'd say that he'd vote for single-payer, no matter what people say at town hall meetings.

But don't trust me, watch the video or read the transcript. It's pretty clear that Massa's responding to a specific, hypothetical question.