The View From Inside the Teacup

Rochesterturning has the Tea Party Patriot's view of last night's town hall. I think it's indicative of the success of the meeting, because even the teabaggers find very little to complain about.


I found it amusing and ironic at best that our friends at the Glenn Beck Nuthouse locally have a list of 12 "principles and values." I wonder how many folks who were at Thursday's town hall meeting felt they were honoring these:

The 12 Values

• Honesty
• Reverence
• Hope
• Thrift
• Humility
• Charity
• Sincerity
• Moderation
• Hard Work
• Courage
• Personal Responsibility
• Gratitude

Phil, "shutting up when others are talking" isn't on the list, so they're cool. Don't you get it?