Massa on Gaddafi

Eric Massa appeared on MSNBC to discuss Moammar Gaddafi's presence in the US. Video after the break.


Massa is full of crap. Obama basically folded our sovereignty over to the rest of the world with his speech before the united nations. Massa talks a big game, but if he really cared, then he would be seeking to reduce our taxes and prevent the spread of the federal government into our lives. He is posturing before his district and lying with each word that exits his mouth. With all due respect congressman, take a hike. When will a principled individual stand up for our freedoms? Both parties are in shambles and the NY(29) can make a difference, but how?

You are wrong. It's true that we need better congressmen and congresswomen, but it won't happen in this life time. I worked in the media for a while and we didn't get paid squat. Yet, the journalists don't care. They would rather bite the hand that feeds them than see prosperity reign in this country. They do not understand that when taxes go up, these companies cut advertising budgets and salary increases. It is asinine, really. For example, if taxes are raised for a large corp like the NY Times, well, the employees just do not get raise. Yeah, it may seem as though their individual income taxes are not going up, but they do not understand elementary economics. So long as the media follows the liberal agenda like lemmings off a cliff, we will all suffer. I don't work in journalism anymore. They don't get it.