More Info on Reed's Grant

The $1.18 million grant received by Tom Reed's LLC is the result of a process detailed on this Empire State Development web page. The application [pdf] for the grant is 34 pages long and requires environmental and historical preservation review.

The list [pdf] of grants shows that Reed's is one of sixteen given in the Southern Tier. With $15.9 million in total awards for the region, Reed's is slightly bigger than the region's average of just under $1 million. Awards ranged in size from $200K to rehab a building in Norwich to $2.2 million for a neighborhood impact program in Binghamton.

WETM reports that Reed's application was approved by the Bath town board. The video attached to the story also has some footage of the exterior and interior of the building.


$1.18-gate is on! It's just. Like randy's bowling alley (except reed personally line his pockets from it and it's a Masonic temple).

How much did he pay for this building?

It was purchased at public auction - he didn't say how much, but it's probably not a lot.

what is this about randy's bowling alley? did i m iss something? It was the Bath VILLAGE board which chose Tom's project over the much more publicly-supported Save The Dana Lyon School organization's application.

The bowling alley issue was a loan that Kuhl announced to a bowling alley in Canandaigua. It's different from this issue.