Morning News: The Last Big Meeting

The Corning Leader and the Star-Gazette attended last night's meeting in Horseheads. About 800 people showed up. The S-G's coverage includes a photo of a pair of senior citizens with the sign "Govt Health is Dead on Arrival". They must have run out of room for the rest of the slogan: "for others, not us".

WETM also has a short story about the meeting.

Today's Democrat and Chronicle carries an op-ed from a local physician who describes the atmosphere at the Victor town hall meeting:

I arrived at the town-hall meeting for Rep. Eric Massa, D-Corning, with an eagerness for respectful debate. I left with a sense of disgust and disappointment. The atmosphere was so vicious that any attempt at meaningful dialogue was met with perverse heckling including screams that our nation should have "dropped a nuke" on Iraq instead of spending three trillion dollars on the war, and someone screaming "give Obama's wife to the Insurance Industry!"

On my walk into the meeting, I stood next to a gentleman wearing a T-shirt with President Obama's face and a Hitler moustache. I heard him argue with a World War II veteran, who told him he should be ashamed of himself.

In other news, Massa will be holding a meeting in Canandaigua tomorrow with House Agriculture Committee Chair Collin Peterson. According to a press release, the meeting will be for Farm Bureau members only.

Update: This isn't the last town hall meeting. There's one more on Thursday at 5 at Hornell High School.


Another town hall meeting has been scheduled for Thursday at 5 in Hornell


I used to teach history with a colleague whose favorite expression when it came to politics was "the masses is asses". These town hall meetings are certainly proving that to be true.

Would you include all the anti-war demonstrators during the Vietnam War as "asses" ?

One thing I learned in high school is that taking the negative position to authority is always easy and usually successful in politics. I don't know if asses stampede, but people do.