Worry Warts

Eric Massa has been raising funds at a furious pace since election day, and today he sent out an email saying "On Saturday, 10/10 at 10:00 am, I will be making a formal announcement about the 2010 election."

It seems pretty obvious what's going to happen on Saturday, yet the Albany Project and Open Left are worried that he's not running.

I guess the 10, 10 and 10 hints were too subtle, though even the Star Gazette seemed to figure it out.


It really is funny to see all these bloggers acting like the sky is falling on a 10/10 10am event about 2010. Harding should really consider laying off the caffeine and reading the email a 2nd time before posting.

Massa didn't run TWICE and suffer through a bunch of town halls just to drop out. I mean, yes the GOP will pick up seats but there's no way Massa is going to bail out this early. He's a vet! He's been through way worse than this.

Yes to both of you. The only reason that Massa hasn't announced yet is that he can run what amounts to a campaign from office, which is yet another advantage of incumbency.