Kwanzaa Break

I'm going to slip on my winter Crocs, bust out the kinara, and prepare for a joyous Kwanzaa. Because my Kwanzaa preparation ritual is extremely rigorous, don't expect any blogging until after I've fully celebrated the seven principles.

Of course, if something interesting happens, I'll be back to comment.


Enjoy your holiday----much!

I'll consider it, but it will have to be a hell of a cake to replace my current holiday tradition -- heavy drinking.

did you see that article about how Massa responded to a car accident in the S. Tier? Crazy

Hope the Kwanzaa is going well

This comes with continued good wishes for Kwanzaa and the entire season. The article about Massa doubling as an EMT at that accident is worth a read. His detractors, of course, will lampoonhim as a publicity-seeker but I find it quite impressive and not all that surprising. Happy Holidays to all readers of this important, valuable blog!

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