Massa Press Call

This morning's Massa press call started with a detailed explanation of why he still opposes the President's Afghanistan strategy:

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Rick Miller asked Massa to respond to Tom Reed's accusation that he is "disarming the troops while in harm's way" by not voting for a supplemental. You might want to turn the volume down a bit when you listen to his answer:

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Finally, I asked Massa if he had any thoughts on paying for the war. His answer was inconclusive, as was Reed's earlier this morning, but I didn't bother to follow up further, having learned my lesson that politicians will always dance around the question of taxes:

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Playing the vet card to trump Reed's own demagoguery isn't that cool.

I agree.

This comes with continued good wishes for Kwanzaa and the entire season. The article about Massa doubling as an EMT at that accident is worth a read. His sexy lingeriedetractors, of course, will lampoonhim as a publicity-seeker but I find it quite impressive and not all that surprising. Happy Holidays to all readers of this important, valuable blog!