Ed Cox Wants to Frack

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader [pdf] (and jump [pdf]) detailing New York Republican Party Chair Ed Cox's visit to Corning.

Cox thinks that hydrofracking is being held up by Democrats in Albany "more concerned about regulation" than economic development. He also characterizes Massa as a "Washington insider".

Last year, Massa was a carpetbagger. Now he's a Washington insider. Stay tuned for his next transmogrification.


To those who want to frack without environmental consideration:

Frack You!

At some point this "frack" stuff will get old, but my 15 year old boy sense of humor is still tickled.

You are very very pro maasa !! please cover both sides of every story

This Anonymous person assumes there are "both sides" to every story. Unfortunately for this person, Massa happens to be on the only side worth covering, and that is the right (correct) side.

c2knox - it is arrogant people like you that make me rethink my Massa support

Hey, anonymous, check out the archives. I've covered lots of Reed press conferences. And this story was mainly about Ed Cox, Republican Chair.

Unfortunately, Reed isn't getting much traction in the media because his message is confused (he was for the stimulus before he was against it) and because he has nothing to add to the boilerplate rhetoric from the national Republican party.

This has nothing to do with whether the media is biased, btw. Reporters generally have one bias: they want to print something original and interesting. You tell me what Reed's said that meets that criteria.

I support fracking and I also support taking care of the environment. I think both can be accomplished within the regulatory framework.

If Reed said exactly what you said, I think he'd be fine. Unfortunately, his position at the moment looks like "drill at any cost" which isn't going to go over well in the Tier.

Anyone in this area who supports hydrofracturing has either signed a lease or doesn't understand the environmental impact of it.

Rich the Retiree- I haven't signed a lease, so my thought process hasn't been blinded by dollar signs.