Follow-Up on Winner's Statement

George Winner's allegation that Eric Massa is misleading constituents about Chesapeake Energy and their wastewater proposal has taken a couple of interesting turns.

First, commenter keuka confirms what Eric Massa says in this press release: Massa handed out 250 copies of the Chesapeake letter [pdf] at Sunday's fracking meeting. So, Winner's contention that Massa misled the attendees at that meeting is simply false.

Second, keuka points out that Tom Reed's brother was at the meeting taking notes. I assume this is Tom's brother John, who appears in this You Tube campaign video with Tom.

Finally, in Massa's letter to Winner [pdf], he makes an interesting point:

[...] I understand that you actually have a copy of this letter which was sent to me and distributed at this meeting. Since you did not attend Sunday's panel discussion and the only copies that I know of were provided at this meeting, I can't help but wonder how you came across a copy of the letter which you claim I withheld.

I think Senator Winner has some explaining to do.

Update: An anonymous reader sent this picture of Tom Reed's brother at the meeting:

Update2: Reader Groundhum, who was at the meeting and contributed this eyewitness report, sent a scan of Massa's letter to Chesapeake and their response [pdf], both of which were distributed at the meeting. Groundum also sent some additional testimony which was attached to the letter from Chesapeake [pdf] and was also distributed.


For the record, the Chesapeake letter to which Massa refers is in the pdf I emailed you Monday morning. I scanned the letters that were handed out at the meeting on Sunday.

I didn't get an email, but if you re-send it, I'll post the pdfs.


And also, BAM!

I wish I were represented by more people who weren't afraid to call "Shenanigans!"

And to think I spent most of the meeting standing where John Reed is shown standing. This picture was taken late in the meeting; people had left early and I took the opportunity to sit in one of the vacated chairs.

It's interesting that the YouTube video you posted of Tom & John Reed has them at Keuka Lake. He says they grew up on Keuka Lake and how important and beautiful it is to them. If Keuka is so important to him why didn't Tom Reed come to the forum in Pulteney Sunday? If Keuka is so important to him why is it that the only action Tom Reed has taken on the Keuka Lake Toxic Disposal Well has been to send his brother John to Pulteney Sunday to try and catch Eric Massa saying something that they could use against him?

Amen, keuka! I was thinking the same thing as I watched that video. Why can't a man who appreciates the beauty of Keuka Lake see the threat to that beauty from hydrofracking? Why would he side with Chesapeake who stands to gain massive profits if they are allowed to carry out their plans in NY versus the citizens groups consisting of the people who live in this area and are REALLY concerned about the quality of the area. The same could be asked of George Winner.

I agree with Rich the Retiree and Keuka. What in the world is George Winner thinking? And Tom----why wasn't he at that meeting? I like Massa's style and energy more and more and more...