Massa on Paterson

The papers and the telly are full of stories like this, where Eric Massa says that he's glad Paterson is leaving and that he wants Andrew Cuomo to enter the race.

It looks like the statewide major office races will be walks for the Democrats. No big-name Republican has stepped up to run for either Governor or Senator, so Cuomo and Gillibrand will both do well, barring a screw up.

This isn't good news for Massa -- a tight, hard-fought race would keep voters interested and send them to the polls. Tight races would also cause those candidates to put some money behind a statewide get out the vote effort, which would help Massa in the 29th.


You're not feeling the Mortmentum?

Only because Bloomberg hasn't endorsed him yet. When he gets that, he'll be a lock in WNY.