Pulteney Meeting Video

Reader Groundhum sends this video of the entire Pulteney meeting. It's really well done -- it has a bookmark section so you can find each of the speakers.

Groundhum also sends a link to this Arizona Star article which is a AP story about hydrofracking pollution in Pennsylvania. The last fracking story in the Democrat and Chronicle was three weeks ago.


I can't believe that the Democrat & Chronicle has not had a single story about the Keuka Lake Toxic Waste Disposal Well. A lot of Keuka Lake Summer residents are from the Rochester area.

I can. It's probably time to write chapter 432 of my gripes with the D&C.

The Demagogue & Comical doesn't even deliver the paper in the area as of last spring. (Even though our carrier was willing to pick up his own papers, do his own billing, etc. they still weren't interested because it didn't fit their new focus or something.) I don't believe any of the Rochester media have covered this story, but I'm not usually a big television news watcher.