Reed on Fracking

Reader David sends Tom Reed's weekly video. In it, Reed sets out his position on hydrofracking. Reed wants tough regulation, a lifetime ban on drillers that violate environmental regulations, he opposes storage of wastewater in wells, and he would like to see communities get involved with the recycling/treatment of hydrofracking fluid.

Reed's position is pretty sensible, and I don't see a whole lot of light between him and Massa in the big picture. One issue that Massa has raised and Reed didn't address is royalties. New York's mandated royalties are quite low, according to Massa.

Reed's video is embedded after the break:


Now that Chesapeake has pulled the application for The Keuka Lake Toxic Waste Water Well Tom Reed is against it. Thanks Tom, you're a few weeks off on you support. No problem sticking your neck out on the issue now is there. I would have expected better for someone who says he grew up on Keuka Lake and how much the lake means to him.

A classic example of "When the People Lead, the leaders will follow."

OK, so I had time to watch Reed's video. This clown still doesn't get it.

In particular, he thinks that existing municipal sewage treatment plants can handle fracking waste water. They do not have the capacity to handle that much waste; but more importantly, the physically cannot effectively process all the salts, let alone radioactivity, in the fracking waste!

And his lifetime ban? What a joke! As a lawyer, he more than most should know how impenetrable the veil of corporate obfuscation can be woven.

Tom Reed - stop taking your prospective constituents for fools!