Reed Fundraising Letter

A Republican reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent Tom Reed's latest fundraising letter [pdf]. It's a two-page appeal, chock full of attacks on Eric Massa. My Republican correspondent doesn't like it -- he wants to see some ideas from Reed, not just attacks.

In case you're not on a mailing list for either candidate (lucky you), here's Massa's latest fundraising email [pdf] for comparison.


I have heard that we may have a sleeper in our midst. An independent leaning Republican from the southern tier formed an exploratory committee which got him an invite to D.C. I do not know where they stand now, but it may turn into something. I believe that the election may be more interesting than anyone is anticipating, especially in light of Reed's dismal fund raising numbers. There is a reason the NRCC hasn't fully backed Reed here yet, they are still holding out. The gang of 8 (Republican party chairs who smashed democracy in the face when they unilaterally endorsed Reed almost 19 months prior to the general election) are going to get a rude awaking.

The question is what NRCC backing means. They have lots of races and, at the moment, enough money to run one or two.

At least, the commie-rat allegation was obscured somewhat.

Can someone explain what "political turrets syndrome" is? Does it have something to do with ivory towers, or maybe windmills?

Machine gun turrets? Sheesh, even I got it right:

Wouldn't that be something? If another GOP candidate somehow emerged? That could really shake up things. Do you think there is any credibility to it?

The sleeper should wake up very soon or he won't have a chance to beat Reed.