14 Minutes of Pure Randy Gold

Sean Carroll has posted a telephone interview with Randy Kuhl. Randy's clearly itching to run, but what's interesting about the piece is how Sean trips Randy up.

Randy touts an online poll in the Hornell Evening Tribune that had a pretty good result for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that Sean has an email of Randy telling his supporters to go to the site and vote. Randy finally sorta confesses.

Randy brings up the poll at about 7:45, and the whole thing swirls around the toilet after that.

If you're really up for some punishment, listen to the whole call, because the first thing out of Randy's mouth is that he's shredding documents. It's innocent (he's shredding old law office files), but perhaps not the best way to describe his current activities.


Classic Randy, lots of words but none of any great value. The consummate politician, Randy can talk on any subject and if you listen to the words not make any sense. The most important point is that his golf game is better, so we the people of the 29th have that going for us.

The crazy thing is that this race is now the GOP's to lose and the ONLY Republican that can lose is Randy.

The Republicans in DC know it and Republicans here know it. You think randy wants to start answering questions about how his office shut down after the election or more questions about his unethical past?

The GOP is trying to get away with a fresh start not reminding people about defeated Congressmen with scandelous pasts.

God no... not "Randy the Dandy" Kuhl again. Please.... Compared with Eric Massa's town hall meetings, I'm just not ready to go find my egg timer for my "five minutes with Randy." It sounds like he's been in Florida. Perhaps he can stay there with Golisano permanently.