And the Leaks Begin

The Washington Post has gotten a leak of the ethics investigation of Eric Massa. According to three sources, Massa engaged in a pattern of physical harassment of male aides (characterized as "groping") going back for at least a year.


...and that's why right-wing talk show hosts need to be less enthusiastic about supporting anyone who goes against the administration.

Now I regret not setting Beck to record.

and he admits to "nonsexual groping" ... huh?

A tickle fight is what I heard so far. I have something else going on so can't watch the rest until later.

A tickle fight? Wow!

How sad, the rapid rise and fall of Massa. Beck made him, and I think set him up to , look like a fool. Mission Accomplished! Beck might not be as dumb as he looks...Massa didn't seem prepared for this. I always thought of him as being pretty sharp--for him to be outwitted by a complete loon and circus clown like beck proves otherwise. Massa is going through some kind of personal/mental/emotional crisis. He should skip his last interview and retreat into anonymity, get better, and take care of his family...The fighting 29th is going back to the repubs..

I'm very disappointed that I missed Beck. I do not usually watch him, but tonight would have been interesting. Perhaps the highlights will be on you tube.

"Beck made him, and I think set him up to , look like a fool. Mission Accomplished!"

What are you talking about? On the show I saw Glenn Beck would NOT SHUT UP!!!! If he wanted Eric to get wound up, say something outrageous and give some good sound bites all he had to was SHUT UP and let Eric talk. God knows he's good at it.

Who knew!!! Beck can get through a show without crying.

Folks, maybe I'm tone-deaf. I watched the entire Beck show and was impressed by Massa. It wasn't nearly the coo-coo reckless ranting of his recent Hornell radio performance. I thought he did fine. Yes, I suspect that the district is a cinch to return to Republican hands.