Another Massa Appearance

My conservative reader sends another Massa booking: Massa's going on Larry King Live tomorrow.


Inconsistent is an accurate description. I always thought Eric was a fighter. If he had cancer, I would expect him to go down fighting and make an impassioned speech about the need for a single payer health care plan with his dying breath. If all he did was make the one stupid comment at a wedding reception… well, that was an incredibly stupid thing to say, but it is not grounds for resigning from office and letting everyone down. The story about trying to spare his family just doesn’t hold water. I think his family is made of much stronger stuff. Besides if that’s all there is, then the story has already come out. I was always proud of Eric. It’s true I didn’t agree with every vote he made, but I knew he was somebody we could always turn to if we were in trouble. The controversy over gas drilling was a prime example. Like so many in the district, I was willing to volunteer and pound the pavement on his behalf. I gave him my own hard earned money when I barely had any extra to spare. To say I feel let down and disappointed would be an understatement. The various Democratic Committees in the district – at least in the smaller counties like Schuyler and Yates - are not going to recover from this. I’m afraid people have been burned, and now are skittish about throwing their hopes behind someone new. And there's nobody out there with Eric's energy and passion anyway. I can’t speak for others, but this thing has made me cynical. I thought Eric was the real deal, and if he wasn’t the real deal - then can anyone be?

I agree that this is a major blow to Democrats in the Southern Tier.

Poor Eric. I think he's mentally losing it. I never thought I'd see this day. He's fallen apart under pressure. He's only digging himself a deeper hole, talking about offering to help his navy roommate "remember his wife" and Rahm Emanuel stark naked in the Congressional shower, etc. Ugh. Enough already. Stop while you are still ahead.

Oh, get a life Tough Cookie. Meantime, as for the Larry King appearance, all I can say is:

P E N N Y A N ---------------------HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck are you talking about?