The Democratic Field

Today's Corning Leader reports that Assemblyman David Koon is "willing to run" for the 29th seat. Koon is from Perinton, a Rochester suburb at the Northernmost end of the district.

Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan, Massa's choice for the set, is also sounding like a candidate.

Koon said he would abide by the choice of county chairs, so the Democrats may be able to avoid a primary for this seat.

Koon is not my Assemblyman, but I've watched him over the years, and he seems better than average. He has a very compelling personal story: his political career was sparked by the abduction and murder of his daughter, and he's sponsored legislation related to that crime, such as mandating the ability to locate 911 cell phone callers automatically.

Koon's son Jason is mayor of East Rochester. He won that seat in a contentious election against a crony-filled village government, and he's been cleaning house. I think that he'd be an overall plus in Koon's story, but the byzantine politics of that town might deliver up a some pseudo-scandals that could occupy the media.

I still don't think that a Rochesterian can win this seat, but Koon would be viable candidate.