Evan Dawson Tackles the Inconsistencies

Proving that he's a better man than me, Evan Dawson goes through the major claims in Eric Massa's radio rant. Evan also tells me that Glenn Beck's program is all about Massa today.

There's a progressive group who call themselves "firebaggers", which is a combination of FireDogLake, the blog where the movement originated, and "teabagger". This group opposes passage of the healthcare reform bill because it doesn't include provisions like single-payer. By the FireDogLake definition, Massa is a "firebagger". The rhetoric used by firebaggers and teabaggers on healthcare reform is remarkably similar, even though they oppose the bill for completely different reasons.

Also, the link for Massa's rant is now, unsurprisingly, dead. Of course, I saved a copy of the file. I've transcoded it (i.e., made it smaller and easier to download), and here it is (22MB MP3)


Hardly a better man, Rotten! Just thought it was worthwhile to assess his points. We're eager to hear from him directly and ask him these questions. The ubiquitous Sean Carroll is on the story.

As we expand our coverage online, we're aware of the impact of specialization. We deeply respect the work you do and we hope your readers do as well.

Thanks. I really appreciate the WHAM team's use of your blog, especially posting original source documents and raw video/audio.