A Good Summary

Google News says that Massa's latest dramatic performance is the subject of 496 stories, but Bob Recotta's in today's Corning Leader is as good as any.


Anyone catch the fairly lengthy discussion of this carnival on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" this a.m.? Host Joe Scarborough--though o bviously fascinatedby this--referred to Mr. Massa as "a runaway beer truck." Can't wait for Beckand Larry King today.

Yeah, that's about right.

Comment by a 13 WHAM News viewer: "What are the odds that both Massa and Beck cry together on the air today because they both love their country too much?"

Honestly, though, it's been fascinating to watch the shift in feedback this morning. The emails are coming from people who say they were supporters even yesterday -- but want to know why he's going to align with Glenn Beck. I'm not sure this move will help Mr. Massa, but it's hard to know what his thought process is. We'll keep trying to convince him to do an interview with us.

Beck will cry and Massa will yell. It will be a yin/yang of crazy.

Obviously if Eric goes politically to the dark side his core supporters including me will feel betrayed. But.... until that happens I'm inclined to cut the guy some slack.

He put everything he had into this district and it's people and we're not likely to see his work ethic, talent and passion again. I will be forever grateful for what he did to stop the Keuka Lake Toxic Waste Water Disposal Well in my and Randy Kuhl's hometown the weekend before the ethics investigation started. Winner, Reed and Kuhl didn't help and I bet Maggie Brooks wouldn't have either because politically it wasn't the right thing to do. Eric Massa helped knowing full well a lot of powerful people, companies and organizations would use it against him in the next election, he did it because it was the right thing to do. Where do we find a Congressman like that again?

They guy is a warrior and obviously takes no prisoners. I'm with Rotten, my bet is Beck will cry and Massa will yell.

Ha ha....!

Crazy? You chastized the 'other side' for calling him crazy during the past two elections. I think you said he was "intense" but not mentally unstable, but in the face of hard evidence it's hard to come to any other conclusion... this man is certifiably insane. I feel for his family. Those poor kids. You can choose your friends, but I guess you can't choose your family.

I called him intense when he was intense. Judging from his current behavior, he's gone beyond intense. We'll see what he does on the Beck show.

He wasn't acting crazy when the other side called him crazy. Your 20/20 hindsight doesn't change that fact.

Not sure it's a fact... maybe some people saw something that others who were more distant failed to see. Not saying you should have noticed, just saying that charges of his lack of sanity were not, as the saying goes, greatly exaggerated... are you suggesting he just suddenly snapped? Went bonkers? Just seems like the instability was there and noticed by those in both parties for awhile now.