He (or She) Who Must Not Be Named

I guess Lord Voldemort will be the next Democratic candidate for the 29th seat, according to State Chair June O'Neill:

"We've decided we're not going to talk about individual candidates by name," said June O'Neill, the state party's executive committee chair.

O'Neill would only say that the individuals included males and females, both elected officials and private citizens, and that some live outside the district but all have ties to the district. She added that the party is casting "a very broad net" and candidates are still emerging.


The longer this goes on without at least SOME Democrat announcing his interest in running..the more ridiculous it looks..and the more invincible Reed will appear to be.

I thought Reed was going to be toast..a sacrificial lamb against Massa..and now it looks like he just going to walk into this congressional seat almost unopposed.

As I said... ridiculous.

How quickly things have changed since November 2008.

It's hard to get volunteers for a suicide mission.

That's right. Reed is a shoo-in, thanks to the screw-up antics of the once-so-incredibly-promising Massa. Much as I have sympathy for him and his family, he set back easily by a generation any chance of a non-Republican holding this seat. I've never seen a saga quite like it. As I've said, the best thing the Dems can hope for is to serve up a presentable, articulate person who, in televised debates and the like, at least will place a dignified face on the party. Someone who, were circumstances different, you really COULD imagine representing us in Congress.

Let's hope. You never know. Reed seems to be inclined to toe the party line. The GOP doesn't support candidates who appear to be independent and rational. Ironic as it seems today -- that was what Massa did for the Democrats.

The "Elmira Star-Gazette" is citing some candidates allegedly interviewed today, including "Southern Tier native Matthew Zeller." I've no idea if this is "the same" Matthew Zeller but I discovered the below from a routine Googling. Wouldn't it be something if a strong, polished recent Afghanistan service-person were to enter the fray? Here's the background, with apologies if I have Googled someone entirely separate from the Matt Zeller in question. "...First Lieutenant Matthew Zeller is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve and received his commission via Syracuse University’s Army ROTC program in 2004. He graduated first in his class from the US Army Military Intelligence Officer’s Basic course in 2005 and is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s Combat Advisor’s course. From April to December 2008, Zeller served in Ghazni, Afghanistan, as an embedded combat mentor to the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police. He earned a bachelor’s degree in government from Hamilton College in 2004 and his master’s degrees in public administration and international relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 2006. He is a 2004 recipient of the David Boren National Security Fellowship and is a native of Rochester, N.Y.