Hogan Out

Commenter Up in Prattsburgh points to this story in the Hornell Evening Tribune, where Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan says he won't run for the 29th seat.


Wow, Mayor Hogan sounds first class. That was a good press release.

Yeah, it sure was, 'eh? NOW what do the Dems do? Maybe, indeed, the Monroe County D.A.? Assuming Reed is the Republican, there is little chance--I imagine--of his winning, even in a special election, but he seems presentable and sharp. And he, as Reed may originally have thought he was doing (ironically), could treat it as an investment-in-his-future race.

I assume it's Green or a sacrifice candidate.

Thanks for the Hogan link, btw.

There is still a chance that Reed may be thrown under the bus by the party chairs. It only took about five minutes from Massa's announcement for the Monroe County Chair to withdraw his endorsement. I am really interested in what will happen next.