Kuhl's Out

The non-surprise of this surprising week is that Randy Kuhl has issued a press release saying he's out of the race.


Where is the press release posted?

Somebody sent it via email:

Bath, NY – Former Congressman John R. Kuhl released the following statement regarding his decision not to run for Congress.

“Over the last week, I have heard from hundreds of my former constituents urging me to run for my old congressional seat. Their emotional plea to me was humbling and most appreciative. But after careful consideration, I have decided to forego a run for Congress. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported me during my 28 years of public service. I look forward to helping the 29th District in any way that I can and I urge my neighbors and friends to support Tom Reed for this congressional seat.”

Hmmm...for some reason, I thought he indeed would get in. Guess the notion died for lack of a second, 'eh? Is Maggie Brooks next?

Randy's State and Federal pensions are pretty good, why would he want to work again?

Remember, this is the same guy who, upon being informed he lost the 2008 election, quit going to work as Congressman before his term was completed. I'm sure he didn't stop cashing his congressional paycheck though.

Reed must be the golden child. They are really sticking behind him. Reed most owe a lot of people a lot of favors. You wouldn't know it by his abysmal fund raising.

Nah, the Southern Tier wants one of their own - not Maggie.

And nobody wants Randy.

It's as simple as that.

Tim Pearson nailed it!

No-one really wanted another RINO for the 29th, so Kuhl and Brooks were out. Gold star for Tim.

As an additional note to the Anonymous poster who suggested that Reed must owe favors, first of all the reason Reed is getting support is because he is not beholding to anyone and the grassroots like that. Secondly it must feel really safe to hide behind anonymity when making comments like that. Man up! If you're going to make comments like that, expose yourself.

What indications do you have that Reed is not "another RINO?" Is he not endorsed by both Kuhl, Winner and Brooks? Based on those endorsements alone, he clearly doesn't fit the mold of either true Republican ideals or the Conservative party. We have heard nothing about Reeds stance on issues of life, marriage and constitutional construction. Most of it is tired Republican talking points and rhetoric.

Tom Reed must be the luckiest guy in Steuben County, if not Upstate entirely.

Who will be the dem's pick? That's what I want to know.

And, along those lines, to what extent will she/he accept any transfer of funds from Massa (to extent the law allows)....???

What was it that the retired General Batiste said about Randy in the political commercials he shot (in uniform) for Massa - "this guy's got no moral courage" or something about morals? Might be true about old Randy, but I wonder what Batiste would say about Massa today? Moral courage? I think not, General. Be careful, you're judged by the company you keep (or shoot tv commercials for).